1.1 – Organizing Committee
The 10th Granfondo del Montello – 5th Gunn Rita Marathon (GRM) is organized by A.C.D. Pedali di Marca, in association with sponsors, volunteers and supporters.

1.2 – Applied rules

The 5th GRM is regulated by these regulations, the official race programme and the decisions taken by the Commissaires’ Panel and the Organizing Committee. For all matters not contemplated in this regulation, the rules of the Italian Cycling Federation F.C.I. are applied.

1.3 – Where & when
The 5th GRM will take place on Sunday June 26th, 2011 in Montebelluna (TV), Italy.

1.4 – Starting order

08.00 a.m. – Start Classic distance
09.00 a.m. – Start Marathon distance
10.00 a.m. – Start World Championship XCM Men
10.30 a.m. – Start World Championship XCM Women

The start boxes will be opened 20 minutes prior to the start time of the single start groups (i.e.: start at 08:00 a.m., opening of start box at 07:40 a.m.).


2.1 – World Championships XCM

The participation is open to UCI license holders (men and women) selected by their National Teams.

2.2 – Marathon Distance

Only men and women of legal age are allowed to take part on the marathon distance if they hold a regular license of the Italian Cycling Federation FCI or another officially recognized cycling federation.
Non-licensed riders are allowed to start as well: they must be 18 years old and possess a medical certificate of good health.
ELITE and JUNIORS are not allowed to start.

2.3 – Classic Distance

The participation on the Classic distance is open to all athletes, male and female, who have turned eighteen, if holding an official license of the FCI or another recognized cycling association.
Non-licensed riders are allowed to start as well; they must be 18 years old and possess a medical certificate of good health.

2.4 – Youth categories

The categories “Junior” and “Master Junior” are allowed to take part on the Classic distance only. All younger categories are not allowed to start.

2.5 – Categories

Categories installed according to the rules of the Italian Cycling Federation FCI.

2.6. – Non-licensed athletes

All non-licensed riders (participants not holding a license) are allowed to take part in the amateur race called “Pedalata ecologica” which will be started 15 minutes after the last start group of the Classic and Marathon distances. The participant must present a medical certificate of good health when registering. Self-declarations of good health will not be accepted.


3.1 – Start of Registration

Registration starts on September 1st, 2010 and ends on June 26th, 2011 (unless entries are not sold out earlier).

3.2 – Available entries

The available starting spots are:

Extreme distance  unlimited number of participants
Marathon distance  800 participants
Classic distance  800 participants

3.3 – Entry fees

Those are the different entry fees:

€ 20,00 from 01/09/2010 until 25/06/2011 (for elite riders only who take part in the World Champ.)
€ 30,00 from 01/09/2010 until 31/12/2010
€ 40,00 from 01/01/2011 until 31/03/2011 – Silver registration
€ 50,00 from 01/01/2011 until 31/03/2011 – Gold registration
€ 50,00 from 01/04/2011 until 24/06/2011 – Silver registration
€ 60,00 from 01/04/2011 until 24/06/2011 – Gold registration
€ 60,00 on 25/06/2011 (directly at the race office)

On Sunday June 26th, 2011 no registrations will be accepted.

The entry fee includes: time-keeping system, course signposting, starter packet, mechanical assistance, First Aid rescue service, rescue radio, catering in the race and at the finish, pasta party at the finish, changing rooms and showers, bike wash, awarding.

The “GOLD” registration includes a pair of “MTB Scream” long gloves by Rudy Project.

3.4 – Registration procedure

Registration of riders for the Classic and Marathon courses shall be entered with the following procedures.
Registration of riders for the Marathon World Championships shall be entered only by the National Federation on the UCI website.

3.4.A – Manual registration
Download the registration form from, print it and fill in all requested data. Send it together with the confirmation of payment to fax nr. (+39) 0422 1760252.

3.4.B – On-line registration

Go to, to menu “registration” > “online registration” and fill in the form on your computer with all requested data, print it and send it together with the confirmation of payment to fax nr. (+39) 0422 1760252.

3.4.C – On-line registration with credit-card

It is possible to pay with credit card and register online on website

3.5 – “Factor/fattore K”
Teams of the F.C.I. (Italian Cycling Federation) must enter their athletes through the online-system of the federation on the website

The race is easily findable under the menu “gare – races” by entering the race number in “Id Gara”.

After this registration, the teams must fax the provided confirmation of registration request to the organizing committee, following the registration rules. A missed registration causes a non-admission to the race.

All other teams just follow the provided registration procedure (see art. 3.4).

3.6 – Payment terms

The payment, with expenses covered by sender, have to be addressed to PEDALI DI MARCA with reason “GRANFONDO DEL MONTELLO”, by bank transfer to Banco Posta, bank account nr. 48439517, ABI 7601, CAB 12000, (IBAN IT46Q0760112000000048439517 BIC 7BPPIITRRXXX).

3.7 – Replacement of participation

It is possible to replace a regularly registered participant with an athlete of the same team only. A handling fee of €10,00 will be charged. Replacement deadline is June 15th, 2011.

3.8 – Cancellation of participation

There’s no refund if a participant is prevented from taking part in the race.
If you communicate your cancellation of participation in written to our office by June 15th, 2011, the only entry fee (€ 20,00) will be considered as a valid registration for the 2012 edition. This registration is not transferable to another participant.

3.9 – Requests and complaints

The entrants’ list will be frequently updated and published on the website
For requests and complaints write to:

3.10 – License check and number pick-up

The license check for UCI races (World Championships XCM Men-Women) rests exclusively on the commissaries’ panel.

In regional races (Marathon and Classic distances) it is the authority of the organizing committee to check the licenses of all athletes competing in amateur categories. The commissaries’ panel will adjudge particular cases.

The race office will be located in Montebelluna, Piazza Negrelli Square and will have the following opening hours: Saturday 25/06/2011 from 12 a.m. until 7 p.m., Sunday 26/06/2011 from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.  (on Saturday from 4.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sunday only Classic and Marathon distances).

Art. 4 – THE RACES

4.1 – Characteristics
World Championship XCM Men: 115,7 Km / altitude meters 2860 m
World Championship XCM Women: 98,3 Km / altitude meters 2290 m
Marathon distance: 78,0 Km / altitude meters 1980 m
Classic distance: 52,3 Km / altitude meters 1310 m

The World Championship race-track could undergo some alterations for security reasons in case of bad weather conditions or an excessive water level, due to the fact that it crosses the Piave river on a mobile bridge.

4.2 – Catering
There will be installed many caterings/feed zones at the along the four race courses. Their exact number and positions will be published on

4.3 – Timekeeping
The timekeeping will be carried out by SDAM-Championship. In order to enter the final ranking, each participant has to provide a timekeeping transponder that can be rented at the license control and number pick-up.

4.4 – Timekeeping controls

There will be intermediate timekeeping controls installed at the start, finish and along the race tracks. A not passing results in disqualification.

4.5 – Time limits

In the Classic and Marathon courses there will be set “time gates” which need to be passed within the settled limits in order to be able to continue the race. The exact maximum passing times will be published on Athletes who can’t pass the time gates within the settled time must withdraw from the race and abandon the race-track.

4.6 – Mechanical assistance

There will be a mechanical service at the start/finish area.

Along the course there will be installed 7 areas reserved to the teams for feeding and technical assistance operated by the teams themselves: those tech & feed areas will be clearly signposted and numbered, they are closed to the public and only authorized personnel with accreditation badges will be admitted.

4.7 – Authorized technical assistance

The technical assistance allowed in the race consists in repairing and changing of all bicycle parts except the frame. It’s forbidden to change the complete bicycle and participants must cross the finish line with the same number plate on their bikes as they had attached at the start.

Technical assistance is allowed in the provided technical zones only, in boxes out of the race course in order not to hamper the competitors. Bicycle spare parts and tools for the bikes must be put down in the technical assistance zones.

The repair or replacement of bicycle parts must be carried out by the participant himself or with the help of a team-mate or a team mechanic or by the neutral technical assistance, if available.

In addition to the technical assistance in the provided technical zones, technical assistance is allowed outside of these zones between competitors belonging to the same team or the same representation. The competitors can carry tools and spare parts with them as long as those do not pose any danger to themselves and to others.

Athletes’ feeding is allowed in the defined zones as “ristoro/assistenza – tech & feed zone” only.

4.8 – Commissaires’ panel
The commissaires’ panel of the World Championships Mountain-Bike Marathon 2011 is composed of:
SCHREIBER Norbert – President
DAHLE Heikki


5.1 – Admission to classification

In order to enter the final classifications the participant has to complete the entire race distance within the given time limits and he or she must be equipped with a clearly attached bike number and a properly attached timekeeping transponder.

The crossing of the finish-line without having covered duly the right race course brings along a communication of this infraction to the Jury in charge that will adopt suitable measures.

5.2 – Individual rankings

The individual rankings will be based on the effective riding time not on the finish order. The results will be published in the press and on the website

5.3 – Prizes XCM World Championships
The winners will be awarded the World Champion’s jerseys, the first three classifieds will be awarded medals. Prize money according to UCI-FCI lists.

5.4 – GPM Mountain-Prize
On the World Championships’ courses there will be 5 intermediate sprints in correspondence to the GPM mountain-prizes; at each sprint the following points will be assigned to the first three riders: 5-3-1.
The final point score will be made of the sum of the points achieved in each GPM mountain-prize; the first five classifieds of Open category, men and women, will be given prize money.

5.5 – Prizes Marathon and Classic Distances

The first five classifieds of each category, men and women, will be awarded prizes in goods. The first five juniors, men and women, will be awarded according to FCI lists.

5.6 – Team ranking “Mundialito”
The first ten ranked teams will be given prize money; find the detailed prize list here: (section “race information” > “prizes”).

The ranking will be issued for amateur teams who take part in the G.R.M. on the “Classic” and “Marathon” distances. The final point score will be made of the sum of the points of every single participant of the team based on these three factors (A+B+C):

.6.A – Number of entered athletes
Every single entered athlete gets 10 points which will be multiplied by the following multipliers, based on the provenance of the team (foreign countries: x20; province of Treviso x0 (by zero); Veneto: x1; Friuli, Trentino, Emilia Romagna: x2; Lombardy, Tuscany: x3; Piedmont, Liguria, Marche: x4; Valle d’Aosta: x5; Latium, Abruzzo: x6; Molise: x7; Campania: x8; other regions: x10).

.6.B – Number of ranked athletes
Each athlete that finishes the race on the Classic course gets 5 points.
Each athlete that finishes the race on the Marathon course gets 10 points.

.6.C – Individual ranking
The first 15 ranked athletes of each amateur category will get the following points:
– Classic distance: 25 – 20 – 16 – 13 – 11 – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.
– Marathon distance: 40 – 30 – 22 – 16 – 12 – 11 – 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2.

.7 – Pick-up of prizes
The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the start and finish area as given in the official programme.
The prize-money will be handed out to the winners at the race office right after the prize-giving ceremony: all prizes are paid net of taxes according to the Italian law and will be paid to the actual winners only when presenting an official ID. No delegates are accepted and prizes will not be shipped. Not collected prizes will be given to charity.
5.5 – Pick-up of prizes
The prize-giving ceremony will take place at the start and finish area as given in the official programme. The prizes will be handed out to the winners only. More detailed information about the prize-giving ceremony will be announced on
Delegates are not accepted and prizes will not be shipped. Not collected prizes will be given to charity.

5.8 – Participation certificate
You can download your personal certificate of participation on The participation certificate will be available for those only who have finished the race regularly.


6.1 – General rules

Slower participants are obliged to ease the overtaking of faster athletes. Unclear passages must be ridden with adapted speed. Do not exceed your personal technical limits in descent passages. Technical breaks of the bike must be repaired out of the race course. Anyone who does not follow the rules will be immediately disqualified.

6.2 – Mountain-bike race
The GRM is a mountain bike race in which you can take part only with a bicycle suited for mountain bike racing which has to be in a good state.

6.3 – Helmet
The use of a homologated cycling helmet and the correct wearing of it are mandatory.

6.4 – Medical assistance

There will be ambulances with doctors and nurses on determined locations available, First Aid in the finish area and motorbikes with specialized personnel. Rescue radio on fixed and mobile positions.

6.5 – Broom wagon

Participants who withdraw from the race and are unable to return to the start will be helped and driven back by shuttle cars.

6.6 – Insurance

The event is insured with the Italian Cycling Federation F.C.I.

6.7– Course signposting
The course will be signposted in April. Some parts of the race track are closed to the public and will be open on the race day only (redirections are signposted).
Dangerous spots like technical descents, turns, caterings, etc. will be signed with distinctive shields. The mileage is signed in descending order (km to go) and at the bottom of demanding and important ascents there will be a sign showing the characteristics of the ascent (altitude meters, incline, length).

The complete and definitive course signposting will be installed on Thursday prior to the race.

6.8 – Cycling race announcement

There will be a motorbike marked with “Inizio gara ciclistica – Start bike race” and a motorbike marked with “Fine gara ciclistica – End bike race”. The race will be partly held on public and private roads. It is everyone’s duty to respect the traffic regulations, as well as the concerning rules of the UCI and FCI.

6.9 – Vehicles with race access

Only the vehicles of the organizations and of the jury, bearing a distinctive sign, are allowed to follow the race. No private vehicles allowed.

6.10 – Environmental protection

Feeding of athletes is allowed in the signed feedzones/catering areas only. It’s strictly forbidden to litter along the race course. Waste must be put in the bins positioned after each catering point. It is prohibited to abandon the signed race course. Anyone who does not follow the rules will be disqualified immediately.


7.1 – Disclaimer of liability
The Pedali di Marca Team declines any liability and responsibility (theirs and their volunteers) in case of accidents or damages on persons and property of any kind that may arise before, during and after the event or because of it.

Participation at your own risk. With the registration to this event, the participant renounces all rights of action, also towards third parties, against the organizing committee and against all physical and juristic persons involved in the organizations of the event.

7.2 – Protests

Protests must be submitted to the Commissaires’ panel within 30 minutes after the finishing of the race of the applicant in written form with a deposit of € 50.00.  In case of acceptation of the protest the deposit will be refunded.

7.3 – Photo home delivery

The organization declines any responsibility if photographs are posted to you from unauthorized operators.

7.4 – Lost & found

Found objects will be handed out to the secretary of the Commissaires’ panel and kept by the organizing committee where they can be picked up.

7.5 – Modifications
The organizing committee reserves its rights to change the regulations, race course and altitude profile. The race will be held with any meteorological conditions and the responsible of the organizing committee only is authorised to cancel the competition. All information will be published on internet, in the race office and on the message board.

7.6 – Signature
By signing the registration form, the participant declares to be in possession of a regular licence, to have read this regulation and expresses his consent to the use of his personal data according to the privacy law nr. 675 of 31/12/96. This applies to all individual registrations by registration form, online, mail or fax.

7.7 – Privacy Law 675/96

With full respect for the law 675/96 regarding the protection of personal data, the requested data at the registration will exclusively be edited for normal secretarial purposes of the race mentioned above, as well as for proposals and communications regarding the activities of ACD Pedali di Marca.
The updating or cancellation can be requested in written at: ACD PEDALI DI MARCA, via Forlani, 42, 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV), Italy. With the same modality, the will can be communicated that the personal data should not be given to others.


8.1 – Organizing Committee

Pedali di Marca
Via Forlani, 42
31032 Casale sul Sile (TV)

8.2 – Race Office
fax: 0422.1760252

8.3 – Registration Office

Giuseppe Fiorito
fax: 0422.1760252

8.4 – Info Point

phone (+39)327.3003162
from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

8.5 – Touristic information and accommodation
XEVENTS – Treviso
phone: (+39)0422.422192
from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
fax: (+39)0422.421816

8.6 – Information in German language
Bike & More
Via Montello, 7
39100 Bolzano – Italy
phone-fax.: +39.0471.272659