It might seem unusual at first glance, the combination of mountain biking and everything that has the flavour of an ancient culture. In fact the two situations, seemingly in contrast, combine to give shape to a project called “sustainable tourism”. And ‘the case of the European Mountain Bike that has been able to use and exploit all the resources, natural, cultural and gastronomic opportunities in the area. The route of the European also transits for about forty percent within the estate. The noble family residing in the twelfth century and takes care of the land.┬áPlaces safeguarded with commitment, with attention to the balance of a sensitive ecosystem.

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The public, the journalists from all parts of Europe and thousands of bikers attending the event will appreciate, photograph and tell these places to those who have not had the good fortune to know. The presentation of Pedals Brand, could not be inside the castle of San Salvatore in Susegana, accompanied by a sumptuous buffet sponsored by MrGreen and the discreet but attentive and passionate hostess, the “Princess” Trinidad Collalto. The first guest the evening to intervene is the passionate politician, one who believed more than the others to the project of pedals Brand, the President of the Province Leonardo Muraro.

The second operation of the hostess, the Princess Trinidad Collalto that welcomes all guests of the evening and wishes everyone a wonderful European Championship. Speaker then Mayor Gianni Susegana Montesel.

The Councillor for Sports of the Province Speranzon Paul: “I greet and thank Pedals Brand and its President with all the volunteers, all the mayors of the six municipalities involved in this project. I believe that the path of Pedals Brand is a quality location and for this reason I also thank the Federation and all the companies that promote sports culture in our area. “

The inevitable Remo Mosole, the guru of cycling: “In Treviso Us lucky because we have great organizers as Massimo Panighel and public bodies sensitive and attentive to the sport. “

Giandomenico Poss, Veneto Region councilor: “I bring you my greetings in a personal cycling because I live within my family. I also bring greetings from the President of the Region Luca Zaia. The region could not be here this evening. I wish you all an excellent result for the European mountain bike. Our Olympics, now, are these events taking place in the Veneto region. “

The President Massimo Panighel: “Team Pedals Brand started with 300 volunteers now we were in but we are worth 30 to 30,000. We do this because we love the sport and our land. Always our Team had full support from the authorities in spite of the crisis and the cuts. With our project move many things in Treviso, tourism, facilities and companies in the sector which, unfortunately, in recent times there are very close. If we have become great, it’s also thanks to all the institutions that we have always been at our side and all the volunteer groups where is our true strength. “

Also it presented the work of the artist Marco Varisco-trophy that will be awarded to the winner. This was followed by interventions Councillor for Sports the City of Montebelluna, Claudio Denadai, who expressed his pride as a representative of the town of Treviso that will host the European Championships.Tomat President Unindustria Veneto who highlighted how sport is a true passion, lived and practiced in the Veneto region. To close with the vice president of the Cycling Federation, Flavio Milani who brought greetings of President Di Rocco. Paul Malfer, conductor of the evening to replace Marino Bartoletti who has had an injury the day before the presentation, closed the evening remembering “This all started with a big spring of love: Luke Panighel”.

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