The reigning Champions

There couldn’t be a better beginning of the GRM Hall of Fame than this: the winners of the 2010 GRM were the Swiss Ralph Näf and Esther Süss, crowned European Champions, together with Konny Looser, European Champion Under 23.

The winners in Rainbow jerseys

The ones winning in their Rainbow jerseys couldn’t be missing in the GRM Hall of Fame: the 2009 edition has been won by the reigning World Champions Roel Paulissen and our testimonial Gunn-Rita Dahle.

The pioneers

The year is 2001: the story of GRM starts in September, by then still called “Montello Bike Cup”. The first ones to write down their names on the roll of honour were Ezio Toffolo and Patrizia Guidolin.

The first foreign winners

In 2004, for the first time it were not the Italians to finish on the highest step of the podium. The Frenchman Thomas Dietsch and the American Shonny Vanlandingham win the race and so they enter well-deserved the GRM roll of honour.

The Marathon/Cross Country double

Only two athletes were able to achieve the Marathon/Cross Country double by winning both races, the Granfondo del Montello and the Cross Country race which took place in the woods of the Serenissima: they are Yader Zoli and Annabella Stropparo, both claiming the 2007 XC Italian national title on the paths of the Montello.

The most beautiful victories

According to us, these two are the nicest victories happening at the GRM.

In 2005 José Antonio Hermida was one of the leading actors in the epic duel with Julien Absalon out in the cold, rain and mud. In the end José overcomes the Frenchman and that’s how he conquers his place of honour in our GRM Hall of Fame.

In 2007 it is Marzio Deho winning big-time in a fulminant sprint final, with a spectacular move on the last kilometers he leaves behind big players like Roel Paulissen, Massimo De Bertolis and Thomas Frischknecht.

The teacher and the pupil

2007 was the year of the foreigners: among them a Swiss couple stood out, Thomas Frischknecht and Nino Schurter, the history and the future of mountain-bike put together in a team. Great results were not long in coming: under the protection of Frischknecht, the young Schurter has already achieved two XC World Champion titles.

The Olympic Champions

GRM has welcomed all the Olympic Champions of mountain-bike history in their start-line: in addition to the name-giver Gunn Rita Dahle, also Julien Absalon (2004), Paola Pezzo (2004) and Bart Brentjens (2007) have tamped the Montello trails.

The World Champions

Among the World Champions who have graced the GRM with their presence, you find also the Italian Massimo De Bertolis, World Champion Marathon 2007 and the American Alison Dunlap, World Champion XC in 2001.

The Marathon specialists

Long distances are their home pitches: the more kilometers there are, the happier they are. These athletes led in the hardest marathons of the world and succeeded in many races of the Marathon World Cup from 2005 to 2007. Well-deserved places of honour in the Hall of Fame belong to Mauro Bettin (2005), Leonardo Paez (2006) and Pia Sundstedt (2006 e 2007).

Not to forget, the Austrian Alban Lakata, Marathon World Champion 2010 who’s leading the UCI marathon ranking already for years.

The Italian Champions

The winners of the 2009 Italian National Championships Marathon, which took place on the course of the GRM, deserve right to enter the Hall of Fame: this privilege is granted to Mirko Celestino e Eva Lechner.

The local hero

Of course “Grande” Marco Bui couldn’t be missing in the Hall of Fame! Originally from Venice but adopted by the people of Treviso, the Montello area has always been one of Bui’s favorite training grounds: he actually became the testimonial of the permanent race course at Volpago del Montello, scenery of the Italian National Championships Marathon in 2007, and gave his name to the most technical and spectacular section of the race circuit, the infamous “Canalino Bui”.